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Dear 1980s Gordon Gano,You do really weird things to my emotions.
This mural was sooo pretty…. not that you can actually see it! 💁
at Painted Ladies at Alamo Square Park
#latergram from #SanJoseSharks Fan Fest today… I’m a Shaaaaaaark!  (at SAP Center (Shark Tank))
So insanely excited for this reading experience!! Also, sort of insanely freckled. 

I had a debate with my family once about the most popular wine grape.  (I thought it would be Merlot…I was wrong.)  This weekend, I was in Napa and it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to make a graphic on the subject.  So here it is - the distribution of wine grapes in California.  The land acreage dedicated to growing wine grapes is not surprising.  Napa leads the way, with 9.60% of its land area used for growing wine grapes. San Joaquin takes second at 8.20%, and Sonoma, third, at 5.97%.  Note the scale is nonlinear because so many counties are below 1%.  Most counties grow more red than white wine grapes. However, Chardonnay claims the most overall acreage.
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